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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, it is thursday, july 28. >> i am pamela brown and want to begin with traffic and weather every 10 minutes and the big story is that the heat is once again moving in. steve rudin is here. are looking at another hot and humid day. hottest of the days will come to more with daytime highs approaching 100 degrees. 79 degrees at reagan national airport and at dulles at 70. 66 in winchester and satellite and westchester shows -- satellite and radar shows we have clouds moving in for the afternoon and temperatures will be around 89-95 degrees depending on how much sun we receive. nighttime lows will fall into the 60's and the day tomorrow will not be so bad.
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it will be hot and humid, i should say the heat index will be around 105 degrees. 66 and 95 as a normal volume of traffic but no accidents. 270 southbound has delays between 1008209. this is the beltway near andrews air force base. if you take route 5 out of wall dark to go to clinton, it is smooth and no problems on route 4. we will have newschopper7 and a little while. more tough talk and action in the fight to raise the nation's debt ceiling with less than five days until america default. the house is poised to vote on a gop plan but it is not the end of the debate.
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wall street is beginning to show some signs of worry. autria godfrey is live in the newsroom. the house is set to vote on this new plan from john boehner today. he is hoping some last-minute rewrites and harsh words will get his own party on board. he is sending a clear message to fellow republicans telling them i cannot do this unless you are behind me. the message has gotten some on board. >> i am a conservative. as i said, i will support this. >> i have moved from no to undecided, 2 yes. >> the vote is scheduled later today. >> it is unfair and bizarro and maybe some people have only been in the body for six or seven
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months really believe that. others know better. >> the white house has threatened to veto the revised proposal that would raise the debt ceiling in two phases and could cut $900 billion in spending. president obama is favoring the bill crafted by harry reid weaving its way through the senate where it is being warned that that some -- john boehner bill will be dead on arrival. >> even if this baker can beg borrow and speak -- and steal the votes the bill remains a non-starter in the senate and the president will never sign it. the speaker is wasting precious time. >> a worried wall street is already dancing around the debt debate. the dow dropped almost 200 points yesterday. at least one financial analyst his warning that near to the deadline people will not have money and the stock market they cannot afford to lose. we are on storm watch this morning as texas gets ready for tropical storm dawn.
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much of the texas coast is under storm watch and dawn is expected to come ashore friday. galveston is keeping an eye on this but dawn is expected to stay away from that area. two women were stabbed after a fight last night in northeast d.c. a group of young women got into a street fight on edgewood street. one woman was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the other one was treated at the seed. police have no suspect. we are getting a better look at the serial/retarded women in fairfax county. this is new surveillance video. this man attacked at least five women and shopping centers. he distracted a young female shopper and cut her backside. he is likely to strike again and for more surveillance photos,
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log onto a d.c. police of this is accused of sexually assaulting three women while on duty and in full uniform and he is scheduled to be arraigned. he faces several charges in connection with the incident in 2006 and 2010. court documents say he threatened to arrest the women if they did not comply with his demands. amount rainier police of a remains behind bars. a judge ordered the 27-year-old held without bond on assault and murder charges. the officer lord a 20-year-old man to his home to be part of an adult film. when the man refused gillette shot him. a major shake-up for the washington redskins as they get ready to hit the field for the
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first time. it is the end of an era for donovan mcnabb. the front office is expected to announce it is trading the veteran quarterback to minnesota. brianne carter is live in ashburn. after a rough season and then a lot out and talk of trade, redskin fans are ready to see the players back out on the field. we have seen some players show up here at redskins park for the first day of training camp. mike shanahan, the coach, is already here. another face we expect to see albert haynesworth, remains on the roster. some familiar faces will not be part of the team this year. after one year donovan mcnabb is said to be no longer a redskin. he will be traded to minnesota. some fans say while he is a
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great player and would be a great addition to any team, he was not the right fit here in washington from the beginning. the redskins have -- as another quarterback. they have a former raven's cornerback. there will be a lot of competition. mike shanahan like to see that during training camp. it will be a short season to get ready. the first preseason game on august 12 against the pittsburgh steelers. there is not a lot of time but a first glimpse for the offense is coming sand, july 30, is the first open practice. >> that's right around the corner. the time is 6:00 07 in a 76 degrees. >> still ahead, don't hold your breath waiting for the bethesda and escalators. we will tell you about the new
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metric timeline for repairs. >> plus, the nats rally in the night. >> changes in the air in of the hot and h
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on on the boardwalk at ocean city, maryland. enjoy all the free events this summer good morning, washington. >> it sounds like fun. 79 degrees at reagan national airport. the dew point levels are
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beginning to move upward and that is why it feels more sticky outside. it is a in the 60's across the area. the cooler and drier air will retreat to the north and east. in the 50's for burlington% showers and storms are flaring up in the midwest. the clouds are beginning to filter into western maryland. we will call for partly to mostly cloudy skies this afternoon and daytime highs will be upper 80's to mid 90's depending how much sunshine we receive. an isolated shower for tonight but only about 20% chance otherwise, gradual clearing after midnight and temperatures will be in the 60's. the heat and humidity will be back tomorrow. 95-100 with a heat index reading around 105 degrees.
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we will have a look at the extended outlook in a minute. a crash was moved out of the way at linton hall road. 66 is clearing out. let's look at traffic at ashburn and leesburg looks good out of sterling on 28 between sterling and centreville. 95 northbound are the headlights and they will slow down in woodbridge and again through springfield and edsall road 2 seminary rd.. the outer loop of the belly is starting to build volume. the term jumping the shark usually applies to television. a massachusetts man took it literally. eric jacobs was out fishing when a shark swam under his boat. he decided to jump on it and ride for a bit. he let go of the shark and swam back to the bout.
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the shark was a basking shark which is not a man meter. >> that was pretty brave of him, nonetheless. but time is 6:00 curtain on this thursday morning and we have 76 degrees. >> coming up, the tooth fairy blues -- white a loose tooth is
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house speaker john boehner is trying to secure enough votes to pass his plan to solve the debt ceiling crisis. the house could vote on that bill today that would raise the debt ceiling in phases and cut about $900 billion in spending. some conservatives say it does not go far enough. the redskins report for spring training today and plenty
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of new faces will show up today including wide receiver stallworth gaffney, and schofield. ortiz are searching for a new hampshire fifth grader who went missing near the canadian border. the 11-year-old was last seen monday night. there are no signs she ran away or struggled with someone. in the day ahead, d.c. officials will announce that pay by phone parking is now available at all the city's metered parking spaces. customers will be able to sign up online and once registered, they can use a mobile app the internet or a toll-free call to pay for parking. evers with outstanding parking tickets in the district have incentive to pay up. -- drivers with outstanding parking tickets in the district have incentive to pay up and will not have to pay late fees
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three program will run until next january the city hoped to take in at least $6 million. >> in our current economic climate, we expect a number of people to take advantage of this to clear their debts at lower cost them officials said most of the tickets were given to people live outside the district. drivers who don't pay up could be booted or saddled with thousands of dollars of fines. a new report commissioned by the american society of civil engineers says the roads, bridges, and railroad systems are costing the u.s. $129 billion per year. the chinese premier is vowing to severely punish those responsible if corruption is blamed for last weekend's deadly train crash. 39 people died and hundreds were
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hurt when two trains collided in eastern china. officials are blaming the crash on human error and signal design flaws. norwegian prime minister wants his country to become more accepting in the wake of last week's terror attack. the norwegian leader says he is proud of the way his countrymen responded to the attacks. 76 people died in the shooting rampage at an island that you can't and the bombing in oslo -- youth camp. and the bombing in oslo. two ads will not be seeing certain ads in britain because they are misleading. the airbrushed images exaggerated the results of using those make up products. more signs of the economic slowdown. a summer slowdown, a survey
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by the federal reserve fines that economic growth slowed this summer in eight of its 12 districts. the fed plans high unemployment, we come sales, and a slowdown in manufacturing. the government stopped collecting taxes on airline tickets but most airlines have not lowered ticket prices. the irs wants the airlines to issue refunds that the airlines say they sent the money to the government and the irs to pay. working moms should not feel guilty. their employment often improves chances their kids will be well adjusted especially with girls. the weak economy is taking a bite out of the tooth fairy. kids are now fighting an average of 40 cents less per tooth down from $3 to $2.60. >> that is tough when the tooth fairy is holding back. >> times are tough with the
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weather. the heat and humidity will make a comeback tomorrow. today is not so great but tomorrow 105 degrees for a heat index. at this hour, annapolis is beautiful, just a few clouds and they will stick around for a good part of the day. 79 degrees at reagan national airport and we are reporting at this hour, 80 degrees in the district, 73 in temple hills and 68 in newington va.. do blood levels could be rising for the 60's. in fredericksburg, we're looking at 72 degrees. clouds are pushing in from the north and west and this is part of a system from northern ohio and most of the rain will remain to the north of us. we may see a shower or two later on tonight for western maryland. we're not expecting much.
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89-95 degrees for a daytime high an increase humidity for today. about a 20% chance for an isolated shower but otherwise gradual clearing after midnight. mid 60's in the northern and western suburbs and mid to upper 70's as you had closer to the district. tomorrow will be hot and humid and uncomfortable. air quality will continue to deteriorate, 95-100 degrees for daytime highs but it will feel more like 105 degrees and i expect some heat advisory to be issued for the mid atlantic. temperatures will be falling into the 90's by saturday, lower 90's on sunday and go over to for the latest look at the forecast. let's have a detailed look at the traffic. here is a live picture from maryland on the 270. it is only volume between i-7109
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and it improves. it looks good on the beltway at andrews air force base. it is good out of clinton on route 5 and route 4 leaving prince frederick. i'm 66 and 95 in virginia, it is slow traffic in landmark. 75 >> degrees out at 6:21. >> still ahead, the nats tried to snap their losing streak. >> later today on oprah, the one and only barbra streisand at 4:00.
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>> the force was not with george lucas and a british courtroom. he lost a five-year copyright lawsuit aimed at stopping the proposition for making and selling replicas. the designer successfully argued that the customs or artistic works and not subject to copyright law. the nationals have lost three in a row heading into last night's game with the marlins. >> they were trailing 7-5 in the bottom of the night when layne nix stepped up to the plate.
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>> there it goes. >> so he thought. that is probably a game-tying home run but it was just a long out. the nats will try to sell this the final game of the series at two o'clock 30 today. irving santana tossed the third no-hitter this season. he struck out 10. is the angels' first no-hitter in 27 years. >> the time is 6:25 and they're still at half an hour of "good morning, washington." >> alex trebek finchase is a would-be thief. >> speaker john boehner has a
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harsh words for his own party on the debt ceiling bill. >> are you ready for the heat and humidity? it is coming back later this afternoon and especially tomorrow. we will tell you what to
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> does the john boehner plan have all the things i wanted? no but i think part of governing is to be able to say this is good enough to go forward. >> republicans in unite behind a gop-backed debt plan but cracks are still showing and the deal could still be days away it is thursday, july 28. good morning >> , we will have more on that story and a second.
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let's go to traffic and weather every 10 minutes. steve rudin has a first check on the forecast. we are not looking at a heat index around 120. 105 degrees to mar will be the heat index. 79 degrees right now at reagan national, 10 degrees cooler at dulles. satellite and radar shows clouds moving in from the north and west. these clouds are says it with a large system that dumped rain across lower michigan into northern ohio. for today, partly to mostly cloudy and you will notice an increased level of humidity. it will feel more uncomfortable outside with highs around 89-95 degrees. let's get a check on this morning's rush hour with lisa baden. in maryland, no problems to report on i-70.
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29 at linton hall road had a crash but that has been moved out of the way. it is a beautiful picture here across the american legion bridge in all the volume is increasing on 270 southbound and i-395 is open to the pentagon. we will have more on the trackside a later the debt debate is pitting lawmakers against each other. the clock is still ticking down less than five days to go until u.s. defaults. there's a vote set for today on the house -- in the house but it is almost dead on arrival. autria godfrey is live in the newsroom. the house is set to vote and a new plan to raise the debt ceiling and keep america from defaulting. this plan is from speaker john boehner and he is hoping the
6:32 am
last-minute rewrites and some harsh words will get his own party on board. he blasted a clear message to fellow republicans blocking and his plan and told them yesterday to get their butts in line. he said he cannot do his job unless they are behind him. they will vote on the plan today and his hard-line message seems to have gotten some on board. many tea party members are leery. the plan could cut about $900 billion in spending. president obama is favoring that are rebuilt but it is one that these -- the john boehner bill will be dead on arrival. the dow dropped yesterday almost 200 points and at least one financial analyst his warning that as we near the deadline, people should not have any money in the stock market that they can't afford to lose. >> thank you so much.
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we are on storm watch as tropical storm dawn bears down on texas. the texas coast is under storm watch and it is expected to make landfall by friday night and galveston is keeping a close eye but the city is not in the storm's path right now but emergency management teams are on alert in case. two women were hurt when a street fight broke out in northeast washington last night. the two women suffered wounds and one was taken to the hospital and the other was treated at the scene. a new surveillance follow is out on the serial slasher. police say he distracted a young female shopper and cut her backside. log on to our website
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for more. three men accused of killing a northeast d.c. men will be in court today for a preliminary hearing. they are charged with murdering glenn scarborough last month. prosecutors say they believe scarborough rate to one of the man's mothers. a mount rainier police of a serbian-held on sexual assault and murder charges. the officer was denied bond and he reputedly lord a 20-year-old man into his home and when the man refused his advances, he tried to leave and he was shot the officer said he shot in self-defense. are you ready for football? redskin players start to arrive at training camp today but some familiar faces will not be there. donovan mcnabb is out and he is
6:35 am
headed to minnesota. brianne carter is live at redskins park in ashburn. it has been a long enough weight. after all the talk about the lock out finally, we will be back to the game of football. this will be the first day of training camp. many players are showing up already. the big talk is trades. football is finally a go and the players on the field will look a little different this year. after just one year, donovan mcnabb is no longer a redskin. >> he is gone but it is a coaching decision and the players had nothing to do with it. >> he has been traded to minnesota and in return, the redskins got two low round draft picks. some say he was not the right
6:36 am
fit in washington. >> he has been mistreated badly in this town. let him go. >> we got a fifth round pick but we have to move forward. >> the roster is the question that remains. who exactly will be on the roster and the first game for the first preseason game. ? fans are getting a glimpse of the familiar faces and new ones to come at redskins park. practice will be open this saturday, july 30. >> plenty to look forward to. the time is 6:36. >> still ahead, a long wait for the next escalator. the new metro on schedule repair. >> first, another check on traffic and weather every
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we are looking at 79 degrees at reagan national airport and 66 in frederick and the dew point is increasing. it feels more uncomfortable outside and later on this afternoon, we will have more cloud cover which will keep our
6:40 am
temperatures down a little bit. clouds are coming from the north and west. a few showers may creep in later this afternoon into the evening hours but only a 20% chance we will see anything. her high temperatures will be 89-95 degrees and the wind will be out of this out at 5-10 miles per hour in temperatures tomorrow will be 100 and the heat index will be 100-105. let's look at traffic. we have volume on the roads. 395 has delays from edsall road to get past duke st. 2 seminary rd.. let's check out the pace to the pentagon which is beautiful. and across the 14 spread to --
6:41 am
14th street bridge looks good. if you take metro rail, they are reporting normal service. >> 6:40 and 75 degrees. >> coming up, the debt ceiling debate and we will have politico's david mark. >> metro says it will replace these escalators that one of their busiest stations. coming up after the break, we will let you know when that will
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metro riders hoping for a quick fix for escalators in bethesda can keep dreaming. >> the good news is the transit agency says it is completely
6:44 am
replacing the frequently broken system but it will not happen for another three years. jummy olabanji is live at the station. good morning, it comes down to money. metro does not have it in the budget to replace the stairs and escalators here in bethesda until 2014. they say they plan to spend about $150 million to replace escalators and elevators at several stations. a number of people are talking about 213 feet of stairs that people have to climb on the escalators are broken. the metro escalator's brake down an average of seven-eight days out of the year. bethesda will be fourth on the list of repairs. people say they are cautiously optimistic. >> i am wary about anything that
6:45 am
metro does. i don't trust them very much. >> i have intermittent faith in metro. when they plan, they can do things right. usually, they are not thinking. >> about 23,000 people ride the metro here in bethesda every single day. many of them are excited for the permanent fix. we spoke with the metro general manager and he told us that they are looking to see when all this can be started and if it can be sooner rather than later. >> thank you. pepco has threatened to cut power to a local condo building on august 8. this is in the bladensburg. the condo is $90,000 behind on its bill. most residents are in
6:46 am
foreclosure are behind on condo fees. major developments in the phone tapping scandal with rupert murdoch and the 9/11 victims. attorney general eric holder says he will meet with september 11 families and investigators are trying to determine whether a police officer turned private investigator was approached by a journalist from "news of the world" and offered to pay him for private phone records of 9/11 victims. several people were arrested when rioters clashed with rioters -- with police in hollywood. this happened last night and police ordered them to leave. many started fighting and throwing bottles and smashing windows until officers subdued that would beanbag guns. alex trebek may regret being
6:47 am
a crime fighter. >> at 2:30 yesterday morning chasing a burglar down the hall at my san francisco hotel until my achilles' tendon ruptured and i felt in an ignominious keep. the 71-year-old talks about the events. police arrested a woman for allegedly stealing cash and a bracelet and other items from his hotel room. alex trebek is on crutches and will undergo surgery tomorrow. tough talk on the debt the debate -- john boehner >> tried to get his party in line ahead of a house vote today. the fight continues and we are all ready for a deal. it seems like this latest bill
6:48 am
by john boehner will be tough to sell. even among his own house republicans, it will be tough to get through and even if that happened president obama said he would veto the legislation. there is no end in sight at this point. >> will he get more boats or it will the tea party stay in the way? >> it seems like speaker boehner is actually moving against the tea party in certain ways. he is holding out for a very conservative bill, one that cuts spending but there may be reason to hope there could be a compromise between speaker banner's bill, the one put forward by harry reid, maybe they can craft a compromise and get it to the president. >> a lot of on entered questions and yesterday there were meetings. what is going on on capitol hill today? >> they go out publicly and beat their chests on either side.
6:49 am
behind closed doors, there seems to be some talks and compromised situations going on. maybe over the weekend and up to the deadline, we will have some kind of deal, maybe. it could very well be the last minute. >> thank you so much >> time to check-in on traffic and weather. we are looking at a nice start to our thursday morning. clouds here and there to the north and west of d.c. and annapolis, maryland is looking beautiful. we will see a good deal of sun mixed with clouds but the clouds will win over and that will keep our temperatures a couple of degrees cooler. 79 degrees this hour at reagan national airport. chantilly is looking at 71 degrees. in delaware, is 74 degrees at the beach.
6:50 am
they will have highs today in the mid to upper 80's. culpeper is that 70 degrees and 72 degrees in fredericksburg. high pressure has moved off the coast and it will return off -- tomorrow. we will have a quick warm-up to more with showers and thunderstorms across lower michigan and now into western pennsylvania. showers and storms will remain to the north as for today but the outflow of clouds will affect our weather and burn is partly to mostly cloudy skies with temperatures up for 80's to mid-90's. for tonight a few clouds and scattered showers, a 20% chance we will say anything at all and gradual clearing after midnight 65-78 degrees. tomorrow will be hot and humid and the air quality will be poured. we will be looking at a heat advisory probably for the mid- atlantic 95-104 actual air
6:51 am
temperatures and it will feel more like 105 degrees with the heat index it will still be uncomfortable. on comfortable that is how we feel in delays of 66, 95 in virginia but no accidents on the beltway. the outer loop in maryland is slowing. let's show you the back up near holy cross hospital on the beltway. in maryland, no accidents to reports out of town at the wilson bridge and it is clearing out out of high its town. we're loaded up on 395 virginia but no accidents blocking anything. we will have more for you when we come back.
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>> coming up, trouble in the ranks. the house speaker gets tough with the tea party, telling them to get in line for the boat today on the republican debt ceiling plan. will they respond? did advertisers make julia roberts and a little too pretty? why britain is benning their breast that's straight ahead here on "good morning, america." >> 6 but 54 of a have breaking
6:55 am
news -- the redskins have traded albert haynesworth to the new england patriots. in return, they will get a 2013, fifth round draft pick. albert haynesworth was suspended for several games last year and is facing trial over sexual allegations. all of this news came hours before training camp gets under way is. albert haynesworth is traded to the new england patriots. where monkey is getting human attention at the san diego zoo. >> take a look at this little guy. this month he was born earlier this month and his mother was having trouble feeding improperly sold humans \stepped into bottle feed him. >> the time is 6:55.
6:56 am
how can i talk that the tax -- how can i top that? i have slow traffic. outer loop delay is r new hampshire avenue around to georgia avenue and not bad in virginia. temperatures are around 93 degrees for the day to day. 100 degrees tomorrow and we could see a heat advisory for the mid-atlantic because it will feel more like 105 degrees. chance of showers on saturday and sunday, only a 30% chance. i thank you will be just fine for the weekend. >> that will do it for "good morning, washington." for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. we will see you back your at noon. have a great day.
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